How Fat Freezing Helps To Get You Into Shape

How Fat Freezing Helps To Get You Into Shape Brent Park

The weight loss journey can and does take a toll on a lot of people all over the world. It can get frustrating especially if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, or you need to lose some weight fast and do not have time to go the traditional routes of dieting and exercising. Enter fat freezing to the rescue!

What is fat freezing?

Although it is known by several names, fat freezing is officially called cryogenic lipolysis. It is a procedure where fat cells are frozen with the aim of reducing their size. After the cells have been frozen, a qualified professional can then use massage or radio waves to break these cells up. After that, your body will take care of eliminating the broken up cells from your body. Click here to see more about us!

How does it work?

To get started, a physician will use an applicator to work on a specific area of the body. The applicator will freeze the fat cells below the skin without damaging the skin because research has shown that fat cells freeze before skin cells. This means that there is virtually no risk of damage to the surface tissues.

During the procedure, you may feel sucking or some cold sensations. Over the course of the procedure, the cold sensation does turn to numbness. Do note that there is no pain during the whole procedure and the procedure is very safe. This is mainly because there is no need to use any anaesthesia during the procedure.

Another reason why fat freezing is so safe is that it is a completely non-invasive procedure. There is no breaking of the skin at any point during the procedure. Those looking for cryogenic lipolysis solutions will often weigh it against liposuction. Well, liposuction is invasive and much more expensive compared to fat freezing. Click here to see our FAQ about Fat Freezing!

What are its benefits?

In addition to the two benefits touched on above, fat freezing allows you to walk out of the clinic almost immediately after the procedure is done. There is no downtime after the procedure. Because you are never “taken under” during the procedure, it has been noted that you can do other things, such as working on a laptop or watching a movie, during the procedure.

Fat freezing is also able to give you instant results. After the first procedure, it is common to register a net weight loss of 15 to 20%. This is typical, but as with any other procedure, results do vary from person to person. Click here to see the guide!

Are there any side effects?

Since fat freezing is an FDA-approved procedure, the risks and side effects are few and far between. The main concern people have is the numbness they feel in the treated areas. You may feel like you have exercised quite strenuously for a few days after the procedure. Apart from that, there are no other reported side effects. Get your summer body ready!

Does it work Brent Park?

Yes, fat freezing does work. There is a disclaimer though: cryogenic lipolysis is not to be used to treat obesity. It is to be used for problematic areas that are stubborn enough to require such an intervention.
If you are concerned about your weight or obesity-related issues, it is always best to see a medical professional chart the way forward.

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